Glide Centro XT


The Centro-XT is an Extreme Terrain power chair designed for users who enjoy off pavement driving. The XT is based on a standard Centro and fitted with low pressure wide knobby Drive tyres and 9″ front castors. It still maintains most of the features of the standard Centro and can be scripted to suit individual clients.

Click to Download the Glide Centro XT Script Form

Drive Type Mid wheel
Drive Wheel 14″ knobbly / wide wheel
Castors (front/rear) 9″/8″, 9″
Seat Width 12″-22″ (custom width optional)
Seat Depth 12″-22″
Lowest Seat to Floor Height 16.5″
Overall Width 29″
Overall Length (excluding footplates) 39″
Seat System Options Power anterior tilt, tilt, recline, elevate, elevating legs
Motors 4 pole
Electronics R-net 120 (expandable)
Suspension Active Pozi-Trak
Specialty Controls Available Yes
Battery Size 65-70 amp/hr
Max Speed 10 kph
Max Range 40 km
User Weight Capacity 175 kg
Typical Chair Weight 130 kg