Curtain Rails

Select the best curtain rails for your healthcare environment. Active Healthcare offers a range of bespoke curtain rail solutions built with durability as a top priority. The selection of curtain rails on offer a provide swing out, self supporting option for ease of use and discretion for users. Easy to clean and designed with infection control properties.

Long lasting telescopic rails are built to be light and easy to use. They are extremely easy to handle, making them suitable for patients who would struggle with heavy curtain options. It also reduces the load to caregivers who can quickly go about their care duties. Ideal for the bathroom setting these rails are suitable for damp and wet environments without any compromising the product.

Included are curtain rings in standard grey colour and 42mm in width, making them suitable for different styles of curtains at your choice. Easily loaded and release themselves from teh eyelets to avoid injury and damage to the entire system should they experience sudden force.

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RKLE 1515           Telescopic Cubicle Shower Curtain Rail 900 mm – 1500 mm

RTS 2.1                Telescopic Straight Curtain Rail, extended 2100 mm

RKAE1.5               Telescopic Straight Curtain Rail 1.5m/ used in conjunction with RKLE 1515

WH95G                Shower Curtain Rail Wall Holder