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AVE 2 Birthing Bed


The AVE 2 birthing bed brings expectant mothers maximum safety and comfort as well as the freedom to change birthing positions.

Exceptional design combined with extraordinary functionality, AVE 2 is suitable for labor, delivery, recovery and postpartum childbirth phases.

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Total length of the lying area 2132 mm
Minimum length in the default setting 1570 mm
Full width 980 mm
Castor size 150 mm
Minimum height 600 mm
Maximum height 1050 mm
Back section -10°/+70°
Seat section 0°/+18,5°
Trendelenburg position 0°/-10°
Leg rests vertical 0°/+135°
Leg rests horizontal 0°/+60°
Foot section adjustment angle 0°/-22°
Maximum patient load 240 kg
Overall product weight 236 kg
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