Education and Resources

Active Healthcare is dedicated to providing ongoing support and educational resources. Getting ahead of innovations means understanding best practices, we have done all of the work for you as Active Healthcare remains one step ahead of clinical knowledge and insights.

When you select our equipment you also gain an education partner and we will continue to develop healthcare teams through a high standard of learning.

Reduce the spread of infection

Maintain social distancing

Reconfigure spaces in seconds

The Problem

1 in 10 patients will acquire an infection in hospital

Patients come to hospital to get well – not to get worse. But currently, hundreds of millions of people each year are affected by HAIs, with 55% of Hospital Acquired Infections (HAIs) are preventable.

When a patient picks up an infection in a healthcare setting, their condition is likely to become far more serious, and they’re likely to stay longer in hospital (and be readmitted).

And HAIs are often preventable – with the right infection control equipment.

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